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Oakland Show, Oct 30, 2016

October 9, 2016 • Posted by ghampson in Upcoming Shows • • 0 comments

Mingle with Neighbors & Friends – Learn the story behind African Stone Sculpture Sunday, October 30th, 2016, 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm 1929 Oakview Drive, Oakland, CA 94602 We are opening our home and invite you to drop by. See beautiful modern African sculptures, learn...READ MORE

3 Faces

SN 2011-11 3 Faces Tendai Shiarwiaza Chitungwiza Size – 12w x 32 h SHIPS FROM SEATTLE

Angel (abstract)

SN 3048 Angel (abstract) Knowledge Tahwa Tengenege 20 inches

Anteater-Human Morph

SN 2011-20 Anteater-Human Morph Josiah Manzi Tengenenge


SN 2011-113 Baboon Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza

Ball Head

SN 2011-123 Ball Head Goodson Mlera Tafara   SHIPS FROM SEATTLE

Ball Head (w/ Eyelids)

SN 3083 Ball Head (w/ Eyelids Freddy Maasarakufa Tengenege 5 inches

Bashful Model

SN 3040 Bashful Model Cosmas Chafamba Tengenege 19 inches


SN 3071 Bather Sebastian Chifamba Chitungwiza 11 inches


SN 2011-48 Bird Miacos Mapuranga Tengenenge


SN 3107 Bird Luxon Chikukwa Harare 8 inches


SN 3114 Bird Beaven Kututwa Harare 47 inches (with base) SHIPS FROM OAKLAND


SN 3108 Bird Luxon Chikukwa Harare 10.5 inches

Bird (Green)

SN 3105 Bird (Green) Stanford Derere Harare 24.5 inches (with base)

Bird on rock

SN 2011-80 Bird on rock Jophat Makenzi Chitungwiza

Bird on rock

SN 2011-79 Bird on rock Jophat Makenzi Chitungwiza Ships from Oakland


SN 3109 Birds Trymore Sithole Harare 20 inches


Conversation Goodson Mlera Tafara


SN 2011-127 Conversation Goodson Mlera Tafara Ships from Oakland


Couple W. Mapundo Chitungwiza


Clown Davison Chakawa Tengenenge

Covered Children

SN 3059 Covered Children Batias Chakawa Tengenege 11.5 inches


Crane Stanford Derere Harare SHIPS FROM SEATTLE


SN 3028 Dancers Joel Mukusa Tengenege 14 inches

Dancing Princess

SN 3026 Dancing Princess Ferai Kasvinge Tengenege 17 inches  

Elder with coat

SN 2011-2 Elder with coat W. Mapundo Chitungwiza SHIPS FROM SEATTLE

Elegant Woman (Twist)

SN 3003 Elegant Woman (Twist) Fari Kasvinge 34 inches Ships from Oakland


SN 2011-75 Elephant Victor Chakurenga Tengenenge


SN 3081 Elephant Farison Maposa Tengenege 10 inches


SN 3012 Elephant Biriyo Ferenanado Springstone Tengenege 28 inches

Elephant (abstract)

SN 3018 Elephant (abstract) Richard Ndalebe Tengenege 20 inches

Elephant c Squash

Elephant c Squash Farrison Mapose Tengenenge

Embryo, green

SN 2011-85 Embryo, green G. Ruyogi Chitungwiza

Embryo, white

SN 2011-83 Embryo, white G. Ruyogi Chitungwiza

Exercising Baby

SN 3032 Exercising Baby Richard Kambuzuma Tengenege 14.5 inches

Face (smile)

SN 3035 Face (smile) Washington Musonza Tengenege 16 inches


SN 2011-10 Face Maliki Chitungwiza SHIPS FROM SEATTLE


Face Oswell Dongo Chitungwiza


SN 2011-108 Family Gift Antonio Tengenenge


SN 2011-26 Family Edward Hore Tengenenge


SN 2011-97 Family Nixon Muti Chitungwiza


Family Edward Hore Tengenenge

Family Large

Family Large Nixon Muti Chitungwiza

Family Stack

Family Stack Betias Chakawa Tengenenge

Family under Blanket

SN 2011-62 Family under Blanket Betias Chakawa Tengenenge


SN 3027 Figure Jealous Chatsama Tengenege 17 inches

Flat Bird

SN 2011-94 Flat Bird Mofuti Chitungwiza


SN 2011-91 Flower Itaiy Mupumah Chitungwiza

Flower girl

SN 2011-126 Flower girl Goodson Mlera Tafara


Grandmother Goodson Mlera Tafara

Happy Family

SN 3057 Happy Family Joel Mukusa Tengenege 13 inches

Happy Family (abstract)

SN 3033 Happy Family (abstract) Stephen Table Tengenege 19 inches

Happy Leaf with Eyes

SN 3006 Happy Leaf with Eyes Edson Seda Tengenege 25 inches


SN 3112 Head Mapsta (Pius Mapanaz) Harare 24.5 inches


SN 2011-87 Head Malti Kaunda Chitungwiza


SN 2011-7 Head T. Mondoka Chitungwiza Ships from Oakland


SN 2177 Head Raphael Mavudzi


SN 2011-70 Head Davison Chakawa Tengenenge Ships from Oakland


SN 2011-86 Head Malti Kaunda Chitungwiza


SN 2011-69 Head Issa Sims Tengenenge


SN 2011-58 Head Wilson Chakawa Tengenenge


SN 2011-8 Head T. Mondoka Chitungwiza


SN 3008 Head Issa Simms Tengenege 27.5 inches


SN 2011-67 Head Smibio Bangura Tengenenge


Head Josiah Manzi Tengenenge


SN 2011-25 Head David Bangura Tengenenge

Head (Pointy)

SN 3004 Head (Pointy) Josiah Manzi Ships from Oakland

Head (with Hair)

SN 3034 Head (with Hair) Washington Wasonza Tengenege 21 inches $325

Heads (Black and White)

SN 3106 Heads (Black and White) John Gutsa Harare 25.5 inches

Hope in the Face of AIDS

SN 3140 Hope in the Face of AIDS Bright Mudekwa 26.5 inches Ships from Oaklan

Kissing Rabbits

SN 3069 Kissing Rabbits Zakeyo Chankiay Tengenege 10 inches

Kiwibird medium

SN 2011-34 Kiwibird medium Maudy Muhoni Tengenenge Ships from Oakland

Kiwibird small

SN 2011-31 Kiwibird small Maudy Muhoni Tengenenge Ships from Oakland


SN 2011-42 Lady Taurai Rukodzi Tengenenge

Leaf Head

SN 2011-77 Leaf Head G. Madzinga Chitungwiza

Leaf Head

SN 2011-39 Leaf Head Edison Seda Tengenenge

Lion Man

SN 3047 Lion Man Jaisi Mukomba Tengenege 18 inches

Little Girl in Party Dress

SN 3113 Little Girl in Party Dress Dominic Benhura Harare 29 inches Ships from Oaklan

Lover Birds

SN 3074 Lover Birds Roger Mafigu Tengenege 16 inches


SN 2011-49 Lovers Kelvin Ferenando Tengenenge


SN 2011-134 Lovers Goodson Mlera Tafara Ships from Oakland


SN 3017 Lovers Richard Kambuzuma Tengenege 22 inches


SN 3054 Lovers Kzito Kamuchengi Tengenege 15 inches


Lovers Goodson Mlera Tafara


SN 3077 Lovers Kzito Kamuchengi Tengenege 14.5 inches

Lovers 2 Fruit Stone

SN 2011-137 Lovers 2 Fruit Stone Goodson Mlera Tafara

Lovers in the Rock

SN 2011-95 Lovers in the Rock Anonymous Chitungwiza

Loving couple

SN 2011-124 Loving couple Goodson Mlera Tafara Ships from Oakland


SN 3066 Man Jealous Chatsama Tengenege 14.5 inches

Monkey Man

SN 3021 Monkey Man Juja Tambo Tengenege 23 inches


Moonhead Gift Bangura Tengenenge

Mother and child

Mother and child Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza

Mother and Child

SN 3030 Mother and Child Knowledge Chanetsa Tengenege 16.5 inches

Mother & Child

SN 2011-104 Mother & Child Picket Chitungwiza

Mother & Child

SN 2011-59 Mother & Child Ebacos Kasore Tengenenge

Mother & Daughter

SN 2011-101 Mother & Daughter Nicho Mutasa or Jossy Fombe Chitungwiza

Mother and twins

SN 2011-120 Mother and twins Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza Ships from Oakland


Owl Remember Chikuruwo


SN 2011-103 Owl Jossy Fombe or F Chidhakwa Chitungwiza

Owl (yellow/orange stone)

SN 2011-93 Owl (yellow/orange stone) Lumba Chitungwiza Ships from Oakland


Pelican Tichaona Mushonga Tengenenge

Playing with My Mom

Playing with My Mom Goodson Mlera Tafara

Pointy head

SN 2011-65 Pointy head Phinias Leon Tengenenge

Pregnant Lady

Pregnant Lady Taurai Rukodzi Tengenenge

Protected Family

SN 3022 Protected Family Batias Chakawa Tengenege 17 inches

Proud Lady

Proud Lady Goodson Mlera Tafara


SN 2011-18e Pumpkin Unknown artist Chitungwiza Ships from Oakland


SN 2011-18b Pumpkins Chitungwiza


SN 2011-18c Pumpkins Chitungwiza


Queen Bester Baureni Tengenenge


SN 2011-55 Queen Bhabbatis Mukasa Tengenenge SHIPS FROM SEATTLE


Responsibility – Tall Woman Goodson Mlera Tafara


Responsibility – Two Women Goodson Mlera Tafara

Resting Spirit (abstract)

SN 3049 Resting Spirit (abstract) Knowledge Tahwa (with his children) Tengenege


SN 2011-78 Ribbon P. Gwisa Chitungwiza

Sacred Family

SN 3038 Sacred Family Lloyd Brakes Chitungwiza 21 inches


SN 2011-9 Seguro T. Mondoka Chitungwiza

Seguro (grandfather)

SN 3007 Seguro (grandfather) Freddy Masarakufa Tengenege 23.5 inches

Shadow Faces

SN 3001 Shadow Faces Tonderai Marezva Chitungwiza 29.5 inches


SN 2011-60 Sisters Ebacos Kasore Tengenenge

Sitting Woman

SN 3119 Sitting Woman Fanizani Akkuda 16 inches Ships from Oaklan

Small Head

SN 2011-27 Small Head Cunducto Kagore Tengenenge

Smiling head

SN 2011-117 Smiling head Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza

Stock Bird

SN 2011-122 Stock Bird Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza Ships from Oakland

Stork Bird

SN 2011-135 Stork Bird Goodson Mlera Tafara


SN 3111 Stretch! Fabian Madamombe Harare 26 inches


SN 2011-57 Thinker Wilson Chakawa Tengenenge


Thinker Agripa Tirigu Tengenenge


SN 3128 Thinker Edward Chiwawa 22.5 inches Ships from Oakland


Togetherness Goodson Mlera Tafara

Tortoise (green brown)

SN 3080 Tortoise (green brown) Clemence Makoke Tengenege Width 4.5 inches

Torso 3

SN 2011-138 Torso 3 Goodson Mlera Tafara

Torso 4

SN 2011-139 Torso 4 Goodson Mlera Tafara Ships from Oakland

Torso 5

Torso 5 Goodson Mlera Tafara

Torso 6

SN 2011-141 Torso 6 Goodson Mlera Tafara

Torso 10

SN 2011-143 Torso 10 Goodson Mlera Tafara

TV Set

SN 3078 TV Set Roger Mafigu Tengenege 6 inches

Twin Sisters

SN 3062 Twin Sisters Clemence Makoke Tengenege 16 inches


SN 3013 Waiting Bonnwell Chiwaridzo Tengenege 27 inches

Waiting for my Boyfriend

SN 3036 Waiting for my Boyfriend Wellington Chingondi Tengenege 22.5 inches

Whispering Girls

SN 3067 Whispering Girls Knowledge Chanetsa Tengenege 8.5 inches

Whistling head

SN 2011-118 Whistling head Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza Ships from Oakland

Whistling head

SN 2011-114 Whistling head Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza SHIPS FROM SEATTLE

Whistling head

SN 2011-115 Whistling head Akuda Fanizani Chitungwiza


SN 2011-52 Woman Tryness Muzeya Tengenenge

Woman and Child

SN 2196 Woman and Child Patrick Safani

Woman in Fancy Dark Gown

SN 3043 Woman in Fancy Dark Gown Michael Kasvinge Tengenege 21.5 inches

Woman Looking to the Sky

SN 3053 Woman Looking to the Sky Wellington Chingondi Tengenege 13.5 inches

Woman with Wide Dress

SN 3058 Woman with Wide Dress Richard Katanda Tengenege 14 inches

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